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PTID is a web-based database providing association information of pesticides and corresponding potential targets from text mining. The database integrates the annotations for 1 347 pesticides classified into 22 groups, including physicochemical, toxicological, ecotoxicological and other related information. The potential targets for each pesticide in PTID were identified from literatures via the online text mining tool PloySearch. 4 245 target terms was finally mapped onto the pesticides and classified accordingly, with corresponding sequences and SwissProt/TrEMBL annotations provided.

Getting started

  • Search pesticide data by keywords, SMILES strings, molecular properties, or chemical structures (similarity or substructure searching).

  • Search target data by keyword, annotations, or protein sequence(BLAST).

  • Browse the pesticides and targets by classification lists, or by clicking the corresponding slices of the pie chart below.

PTID contains resources such as, but not limited to, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), the European Union (EU) Pesticide database, Integrated Pest Management Centers (IPM), Pesticide Properties Database (PPDB), NCBI PubChem, Entrez Gene, UniProt etc.

Last updated: (more)
2012.10 U.S. EPA Chemical search added.

You may copy, distribute and transmit the data from PTID for academic use and you may not use PTID for commercial purposes.

If you use PTID, Please cite:
Jiayu Gong, Xiaofeng Liu, Xianwen Cao, Yanyan Diao, Daqi Gao, Honglin Li and Xuhong Qian. PTID: an integrated web resource and computational tool for agrochemical discovery. Bioinformatics, 2013. 29(2): 292-294

If you have problems, please contact us: jygongecust@gmail.com

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